Laser Hair Removal


Laser hair removal is a remedy to reduce unwanted hair. The remedies can be used all around the body, such as on the face, arms, arms, back, and underarms.

Even though it isn’t a guaranteed permanent solution for unwanted hair, laser hair removal will frequently create long-lasting, and permanent baldness.



Our monthly bundles are simple and convenient to provide the outcomes you desire.

We keep it easy at NewYouMD Our lasers are made to not keep you waiting between average monthly treatments.

You come as frequently as necessary as we know that the hair cycles differ between individuals.

For a Large area you may get 8 (30 minute sessions) Full legs, Full arms, Back, Chest, etc For a Medium place you may get 8 (15 minute sessions) Medium regions are under arms, lower arm, bikini, shoulders and neck, etc..

For a Small place you may receive 8 (5 min sessions) – Small regions are upper lip, chin, feet, ears, areola, sideburns, etc..

All sessions may be used on one or multiple areas.